segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016

Day 19 - Rio de Janeiro!

Day 19 - Rio de Janeiro!

The day had a very early and quickly beginning, because of our next city. It was one of the days which had included a few hours of bus drive. As all the “bus days” we were all sleeping until the lunch. After the meal we watched some movies to learn something about the social situation of Rio de Janeiro...and then it happened! We saw the Christ Statue! Probably the dream of everybody to see this in his life! This moment woke us up and we started to sing the trip songs and were excited to see the city and its sights.

But like in every big city in this world, it can be dangerous. So we put our luggage into the hotel very fast. The building is very comfortable and in front of it there is a nice park with families and children. There we had our daily meeting at 11 o´clock. We met outside at 7:40 to go to the supermarket shopping for breakfast. We received an amount of money per room. It was a nice experience for all of us to buy our own food with a limit of money.

Back in the hotel we had a bit of time to relax. The beds were very soft so only the phrase ¨Let´s go eat to the pizzeria!¨ gave us the power to stand up from there. Dinner was great! The sweet pizza at the end made our day.

Afterwards we went filled up straight to the park to our meeting. We chose our next ¨chicken porreta¨. After that, we had some freetime in the park.


Day 18 - Vitória

Day 18 – Vitória

Our day in Vitória was awesome! We started the day of right, by heading out to the beach! Our meeting space was a very cool, very laidback and very earthy area and less than a minute down the road – THE BEACH! Time at the beach today was shared with surf lessons, building sand castles, tanning (and in turn burning), swimming and doing standup paddle. For lunch we headed back to the cool meeting spot to eat açaí and "Mexican food". I put it in quotations, because much to the dismay of the Mexicans it was not authentic Mexican food. Still tasty though. After the beach we headed on back to the hotel for time to lounge and catch up on sleep. The pool had a basketball court, tennis courts, a very nice restaurant, a games room and an extremely warm pool, so in other words there was a lot to do. We headed out to the buffet for dinner and with a warm meal we were off to bed.

Written by David Macrae.

sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016

Day 17 / Dia 17 - Porto Seguro / Vitória

Dia 17 - Porto Seguro / Vitória

Hoje foi um dia muito longo já que nos tivemos que viajar umas 12 horas para chegar em Vitoria/ES. No almoço fizemos o "Chiken Porreta" e foi o mais engraçado até agora por que uma família nos chamou de terroristas! De noite a gente foi curtir a noite na praia!
Escrito por Adam e Omar.
Day 17 - Porto Seguro / Vitória

Today was a long day as we traveled 12 hours from Porto Seguro. Around 8pm we went to dinner and then arrived at the hotel in Vitória/ES shortly after. At lunch, our "Chicken Porreta" was one of the funniest ones we’ve had yet because a family at the restaurant called us terrorists when we all got down on the ground and started clucking like chickens. At night, we all went to the beach and enjoyed the evening together!

Written by Adam and Omar.

Day 16 / Dia 16 - Porto Seguro

Day 16 - Porto Seguro

Today we woke up to our second day in Porto Seguro. Sadly the weather was really bad, so our plan about going to the beach got cancelled because of the rain. Instead we just used the half of the day in the hotel at the pool, and just enjoyed the free time we had together.

After lunch on the hotel we went to a little historic village, where the Portuguese started the colonization in Brazil. We started with a little show of capoeira. After we got a guided tour around the village, and it was really fascinating.

In the night there where the biggest and best party on this trip until now! Terra Brasil´s own boy band: Easy Boys, was hired for an amazing show. The four good-looking boys won the hearts of everybody when they showed of their fantastic performance. The rest of the night was celebrated with a lot of dancing, and everybody had a very nice time.
Written by Christoffer & The Easy Boys!
Dia 16 - Porto Seguro

Hoje nós acordamos para o segundo dia em Porto Seguro. Pena que o tempo estava fechado, então nosso plano de ir para a praia mudou, por causa da chuva. Ficamos no hotel pela manhã na piscina e aproveitamos o tempo livre juntos.

Depois de almoçar no hotel, nós fomos a pequena vila no centro histórico, onde os Portugueses começaram a colonizar o Brasil. Nós começamos com uma apresentação de capoeira. Depois nós fizemos um tour com um guia local pela vila, e foi realmente interessante.

Hoje a noite nós tivemos a maior e melhor festa da viagem até agora! A própria banda da Terra Brasil: Easy Boys foi “contratada” para fazer um show incrível. Os quatro garotos da boy band ganharam os corações de todo mundo, quando eles fizeram uma apresentação fantástica. O resto da noite foi de muita festa e todos dançaram e aproveitaram muito.

 Escrito por Christoffer & The Easy Boys!

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Salvador & Porto Seguro!



Day 15 / Dia 15 - Salvador / Porto Seguro

Dia 15 - Salvador / Porto Seguro

Olá queridos seguidores! Hoje acordamos e colocamos as nossas malas no ônibus prontos para iniciar o nosso percurso até Porto Seguro, a cidade da festa no Brasil. Este país é muito grande por isso sempre demoramos indo de um lugar para outro e hoje não foi diferente. Depois de um dia todo no ônibus onde dormimos, cantamos, dançamos e assistimos filmes, chegamos em Porto Seguro por volta das 8 horas da noite e fomos direto para o jantar num local muito grande e bonito! Acredito que amanhã a nossa festa irá ser aqui. Hoje também conhecemos o filho do nosso coordenador Ron, pois ele mora perto daqui e veio nos visitar; ele é um fofo mas não descolava do Ron, acho que estava com saudades do pai igual a gente sente saudades de nossas famílias. Finalmente chegamos ao nosso hotel que é muito lindo, grande e os quartos são como apartamentos! Amamos!

Day 15 - Salvador / Porto Seguro

Hi dear followers! Today we woke up and got ready to start our way to Porto Seguro, the party city in Brazil. This country is so big so it takes us some time to go from one place to another, today wasn´t an exception. After a day on the bus where we slept, sang, danced and watched movies, we finally made it to Porto Seguro and went for dinner, the place was really big and pretty and I think tomorrow's party is going to be there as well. Today we met our Coordinator’s family because they live close from here so they visited us, his son is so cute and was always with Ron, I guess he was missing his dad, just as we miss our families. Finally we went to our hotel which is really nice and big, our rooms are like apartments, we loved it!